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A growing number of our customers use our estimating service. We believe it is always beneficial to provide quotations based on actual projects so reflecting accurate information in regard to quantities, number of floors, site access, site location, work programme and delivery schedules is essential.
Normal requirements needed is type of screed system, a copy of the projects specification guide (M10) and/or bills of quantities included with any relevant architects drawings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With regard to drying times, the British standards (BS 8204) state that a Standard Traditional Screed will take 1mm per day, up to 50mm, and considerably more over that thickness to dry out, and that would be in ideal summer conditions of 18c to 20c, so people often find they have a 100mm of screed to lay and realise that they have well in excess of 100 days of drying time to wait before they can lay any floor coverings and turn on there new underfloor heating system.
    When using  SYSTEM ARDEX  Premium Performance Products, the Screed can be dry in as little as 24 hours regardless of thickness.

  • The British Standards (BS 8204) states with Traditional Screeds, you can apply light foot traffic after 48 hours, then cure with polythene for a further 28 days.
    The problem with using the polythene curing system is that normally on going trades remove it in some areas which contaminates the screed and starts causing it to break down.
    When using the ARDEX Screed Systems, you can walk on the screed in as little as 3 hours and no curing polythene is required.

  • Clients often find after having there Underfloor Heating System fitted, they can’t turn it on until the screed is fully dry.
    The client or main contractor, should be aware the underfloor heating must not be turned on to dry the screed until the screed has been allowed to dry and cure in accordance to the product data sheet provided by your chosen screeding contractor.
    When using the ARDEX Screed System, you can turn on your Underfloor Heating in as little as 24 hours.

  • Often Clients have a Standard Traditional or Liquid Screed installed, then realise the Screeding Contractor they have used, has not informed them about that the Screed needs to be dry before any Floor Coverings can be fitted.
    Many projects require fast turnarounds that minimise downtime and disruption. With using the Advanced and Ultimate Screed systems, you can lay floor coverings in as little 4 hours regardless of the thickness of the Screed.

  • Ardex only manufacture powder screed products, as they can then control the recipe, the raw materials and the polymers going into it, to ensure utmost quality.
    Liquid products, on the other hand, totally rely on operatives on site to have the knowledge and facilities required to conduct the mixing process according to strict standards.
    By providing powder-form Ardex products we eliminate this risk of error, ensure quality control and facilitate a high-quality finished result.

  • The main reason many people now use Ardex products is peace of mind. Let’s face it – building and renovation projects can often be highly stressful, so the knowledge that you’re using a high-quality screeding product that will dry within hours of laying it can provide a welcomed relief of tension.
    FastTrack Screeding can achieve a high-quality, smooth, level floor by using Ardex screeding products, and it’s ideal for minimising downtime and disruptions in your project.
    Your screed could be walked on within hours, so there is no time wasted and you can soon begin laying your choice of flooring.

FastTrack Screed Systems

Domestic Screed
Drying Time - 7 Days
65mm to 150mm
Foot Traffic - 5 hrs
Receives Final Floor Finishes - 48 hrs
Mix - 1:7
Compressive Strength after 28 days - 30.0 N/mm²
Commercial Screed
Drying Time - 24 hrs
15mm to 150mm
Foot Traffic - 3 hrs
Receives Final Floor Finishes - 4 hrs
Mix - 1:4
Compressive Strength after 28 days - 40.0 N/mm²
Advance Screed
Drying Time - 24 hrs
15mm to 150mm
Foot Traffic - 3 hrs
Receives Final Floor Finishes - 4 hrs
Mix - 1:5
Compressive Strength after 28 days - 45.0 N/mm²
Premier Screed
Drying Time - 4 hrs
3mm to 12mm
Foot Traffic - 2 hrs
Receives Final Floor Finishes - 4 hrs
Mix - 1:3
Compressive Strength after 28 days - 16.0 N/mm²
Ultimate Screed
Drying Time - 24 hrs
5mm to 15mm
Foot Traffic - 2 hrs
Receives Final Floor Finishes - 24 hrs
Mix - 1:3
Compressive Strength after 28 days - 30.0 N/mm²

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Screeding Aggregate is Mixed with Cement and Pumped for FastTrack Screeding Installations

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Cement Added to the Screed Aggregate to Insure Rapid Drying and Hardening Properties.

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